Pass options

You can either purchase a shuttle pass at the park (we have eftpos and credit card facilities available). or, save by pre-booking your riding on the specific days you are visiting in advance (best value for one off visits). Options are as follows:

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Monday 23rd December10am - 5pm
Tuesday24th DecemberCLOSED
Wednesday25th DecemberCLOSED
Thursday26th DecemberCLOSED
Friday27th December 10am - 8pm
Saturday28th December 10am - 8pm
Sunday29th December 9am - 5pm
Monday 30th December10am - 5pm
Tuesday31st December10am - 5pm
Wednesday1st January10am - 5pm
Thursday2nd January10am - 5pm
Friday3rd January10am - 8pm
Saturday4th January9am - 5pm
Sunday5th January9am - 5pm
Monday6th January10am - 5pm
Tuesday7th January10am - 5pm
Wednesday 8th January10am - 8pm
Thursday 9th January 10am - 5pm
Friday10th January10am - 8pm
Saturday11th JanuaryReturning to normal hours

Our standard hours between the 1st of October 2019 and 31st of May 2020 are the following:

Saturday 9am - 5.00pm
Sunday 9am - 5.00pm
Wednesday 1pm - dusk 
Friday 1pm - dusk

We operate weekends, Wednesdays, Fridays, public holidays and some school holidays. We will sometimes be closed due to bad weather so please be sure to check our Facebook page or website before heading out. No booking is required to ride at 440.

Rental Bikes

We have a fleet of full suspension Trek Remedy 150mm travel trail bikes for rent. They are available in sizes small, medium and large. No booking required. Pricing and details are as follows.

Trek Remedy 7 trail bikes

- Half day $79.00

- Full day $125.00

Trek Powerfly Ebikes

- 3 hours $79.00 

Insurance is also available for an extra $8.00. Please note that rental price does not include shuttle pass.


440 Season Pass


Maximum riding value: Unlimited park access on any normal operating day. Includes shuttle, uphill trail and all park facilities. Season pass holders also receive 10% off any food, beverage, bike apparel and accessories at the park shop through out the season! Pass is valid from the 1st October through to the 31st May. Pass

What To Bring

The park does cater for beginner riders but its a good idea to bring adequate protection. Please remember to bring the following when visiting the park.

The following gear is recommended when visiting the park.
- Knee pads
- Gloves
- Certified helmet, this can be an open face or full face helmet.
- A well serviced and safe bike that is suitable for serious off road use
- Solid riding shoes, no jandals/flipflops or open top footware.

Please note: We reserve the right to deny access to the park if we see any gear to be unfit for use in Fourforty Mountain Bike Park.

Park Rules

- You must sign a waiver before riding at 440 

- There is no access to the trails without a pass

- Riding up the shuttle road is not permitted for safety reasons

- Appropriate gear must be worn at all times. Helmets compulsory, knee pads strongly advised (Full face helmets compulsory when riding the Ruapehu DH track only)

- 440 MTB Park retains the right to refuse entry at its discretion


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