We wont be opening this weekend but are now aiming for opening next Wednesday in time for school holidays.

We are excited to have you back at Fourforty for the 2017/18 season and show off all the work thats been done. October can be a bit hit and miss with the weather so we are doing our best to ensure we open when the trails are dry, with so much fresh dirt the opening day is crucial.  Once all the new trail is packed in its not such a worry, so please bear with us. 

50 Passes

If you purchased a 50 run pass these are patiently waiting for your arrival and collection from the park shop. If you missed out on the special 50 passes they are still available to purchase at our normal price on the website here.

Opening Hours

October School holidays (starting next week) from the 6th to the 15th of October. We endeavour to open midweek from 10am - 4pm everyday (sunny days only), keep an eye on Facebook for updates as we go. Wednesdays during school holidays will be 10am until dusk.

Our opening hours remain the same as last season. These are as follows:

Wednesdays 12pm until dusk

Saturdays 9am - 5pm

Sundays 9am - 5pm

Public holidays

December January School holidays: 18th of December right through until the 12th of January.

Rental Bikes

We have a brand new fleet of Trek Remedy 7 rental bikes in sizes small medium and large. Price is $79.00 half day and $125 for full day. 

Trail Work

Trailpro has been busy the last month grooming and rebuilding the trail network. Our green line (Low Pressure, Gum Diggers 2) has been re worked to ensure any steep sections are graded down to make it even more beginner friendly. Pink Stoat has been completely rebuilt top to bottom, massive berms, more jumps and flow. 

Events at Fourforty

We will be hosting 3 major events at the park during the 2017-18 season. Please note that the park will be closed for normal operation when we host these events. Events are as follows. 

- NZDH Round 5, 2nd December 2017 MORE INFO

-  NZ National series round 1, January the 6th 2018 MORE INFO

- Trek/440 Gravity Enduro, 28th January 2018. MORE INFO


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