Moveo Brace Concept 2 White


- 615 g
- Frames: Fiberglass reinforced polyamide
- Coating: Vinyl with decoration, EVA Foam in lower padding
- Hinges (FHD Technology): elastomeric PP
- Adjustment system Chest - Shoulder: EVA Foams with Utramate by Velcro
- Mechanisms and moving systems: POMĀ·
- Range of use: Chest contour from 80 up to 125 cm
- Integrated size regulation system. Changing parts is not needed
- 4 sizesĀ·
Elements included in the pack:
- Moveo Neck Brace Concept-II
- Instruction manual
- Bag to preserve the Moveo Neck Brace
- TF-Strap
- Kit adjustment system Chest - Shoulder
- Allen tool to adjust different sizes.
SKU: 10012

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